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From: Gauteng

I think I would be a great candidate for the Toyota Fortuner challenge because for a number of reasons.

1. Fitness and sports have played a huge and consistent role in my life from as young as 5/6 years old up to now (25) and I’m planning on it staying that way until I physically am unable to participate in sports.
2. I think the values and character development and discipline that comes from sport and fitness is unmatched and probably only surpassed by the fulfillment and enjoyment of pushing yourself to your personal limits and the electric buzz of competing
3. I love Fortuners, my dad has had one since the beginning of my highschool career (a hilux before that) and since he got it I’ve been trying to convince him to give it to me. In many ways you could use the same words to describe both the car and myself. Consistent, reliable, tough, up for any challenge, exhilarating and fun the list goes on.
4. I’m up for any challenge, I’d love to compete for the fun of competition and being active as well as representing you in the challenge, and if I win that would be the cherry on top.

A brief overview of my sporting career and involvement and fitness hobbies.
School Sports
Soccer (Grade 1 to Grade 9)
Cricket (Grade 3 to Grade 7)
Rugby (Grade 8 to Matric)
Athletics track and field events (grade 5 to matric)
– Long Jump, High Jump, Shot put, 400, 800, 1500m track events
Cross Country Running (Grade 3 to Grade 7)
Swimming (Grade 3 to Matric)

School and University:
Indoor Rowing and Rowing (Grade 6 to 3rd Year Varsity)
MMA classes (Matric to 2nd year Varsity)

Fitness activities
Crossfit (grade 11 to first year varsity)
Squash, Tennis, Golf (socially)
BMX and Dirt Jumping (outside of school from grade 4 to matric)

Fitness Hobbies:
Mountain Biking
Running Road and Trail
Strength and Conditioning training

Holiday Activities and Hobbies:
Kloofing/Cliff Jumping
Shark cage diving
Sky diving
Table Tennis
Bungee Jumping
Rock Climbing and Abseiling
Horse Riding
Boogie Boarding
Body surfing
Stand Up Paddleboarding
White water rafting

Part of my current fitness experience is revolving a lot around personal training and helping others discover and create their own fitness journey, along side that I have a strict training regime consisting of 5-6 weekly strength and hypertrophy training sessions, a 45-60 minute cardio session per day as well as various mobility and corrective exercise therapy sessions throughout the week and in addition if I’m able to do any of the above on a weekend away or holiday it’s an added bonus.