Kersen Govender

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From: Johannesburg/ Gauteng

I know that I’m your guy as I tick all the boxes namely being fit, being a go-getter and having nerves of steel.

My life was flipped on its head in the last 2 years. I once deemed that I was blessed with the perfect life, a beautiful home, thriving career, a great social network, awesome family and friends. In 2019 this came crashing down after cataclysmic events unfolded.

A month after my 40th birthday (21 Aug 2018) my wife asked for a divorce , in Jan 2019 I fell and ruptured a disc in my lower back, in Feb 2019 my 15 yr marriage broke down and was irreconcilable, in Sept 2019 my dad passed away unexpectedly and in 2020 Covid change our lives.

These events crushed my soul and I was uncertain whether I would pick up the pieces again. However through my journey supported by God , friends and family I believe that I have reinvented myself (Kintsugi).

My journey has shown me the strength that I have both physically and mentally and I believe that my story can be an inspiration to many people suffering similar faiths.

This is why I believe that I’m the ideal candidate portraying nerves of steel, being fit and not giving in but bettering myself.